Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailor Soldiers! - Learning Progress

Hi, I just wanna share what I have learnt so far with through this PGSM series. So the first image is the final look of each Sailor, and the second one was the final look before I re-paint them again. I feel there is a huge difference! But, I'm not trying to boasting, but what I can share is to that through this process I learn how to be patient and waiting for the next day to paint. It is really helpful to see the painting through different eyes. Somehow things that I don't see before started to pop up, and since I become able to see the mistakes, so I can fix it.

(After Touch-Up)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Queen Elsa - Frozen Fan Art

By choosing monochromatic color theme, I try to capture her mysterious yet ordinary and simple young lady (She is the opposite of Princess Anna that is painted in brighter and more color).  The turquoise color represents her ice-snow magical power, while the look in her face mirroring her gentle heart.

The printed piece with glitters.