Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sailor Guardians Artworks (Welcoming Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary)

                                 Finally it is done! I'm so glad that I can finish well for this series, since I have put target to finish them on July and have been working on them since January 2014 =). I enjoy painting every character of the Sailors, and I take this as a practice as well. I dedicate these pieces to all of the Sailor Moon's fan out there.

I make this Sailor Series Fan Art as my admiration of Legendary Sailor Moon & Naoko Takeuchi's briliant idea. They were my childhood favorite manga and one of my inspiration in art. Together with that is the upcoming New Anime of Sailor Moon that will be broadcasted this year, and also their 20th Anniversary.

These artworks can also be visited in Sailormoon fan art's Gallery. I thank you for the honor that this person displaying my artworks in her website. You can also visit and see the other artists' wonderful pieces =).