Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ralph Eggleston visit AAU

Yesterday, Animation department got a visit from Ralph Eggleston, the Production Design of PIXAR :D ( It was so fun & useful! he gaves us lots of information about working as Visual Development artist. Here are some notes that I wrote down from the presentation:

What is the differences between LIVE ACTION & CGI Feature Film?
- no "shooting"script
- storyreels
- nothing is free
- design process lasts entire length of production
- we have to design our actors!

When we CREATING A WORLD, Keep This in Mind:
(we have to deal with these when we design)

Environment Design: 
- Design an environment that fits into the character,
- Think about How Long it takes for the character to get there

Create a Strong Visual Information that would be remembered by the viewer.

Remember: "Understand what the lead artist wants to do, so that I can expand my design!"

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