Thursday, June 7, 2012

E3 2012, Los Angeles

E3 Stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. This Year I got the opportunity to attend the event with my company. They normally being held every year, and took place in Los Angeles Convention Centre. 
It was such a mindblowing experience for me. 
Sanzaru Games Inc's stuff are there as well - Sly Cooper "Thieves in Time" (more pics will come!)

 Above are the stuff from Epic Mickey 2.

 Remember Mario Cart? Now they have the stuffy puffy car! :D

 Dragon Ball! It's been so long since my childhood time. Now they have it on Kinect! Its kinda cool that you actually gonna do the "defense, attack & kame2ha" movement!

 So this is from ALIEN. I was not clear what people were doing here, but it seems that there is a camera that gonna take picture of the person who sit there.

 The Avengers Iphone Case!

Me & my co-workers! 

So Finally we had to go back to San Francisco after squishing 3 days event into one day :D. 

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